Boobs for Views

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Something I seem to continually have a personal problem with, is when a reader asks the moderator of a popular blog how they get so many followers, and said moderator responds by offering the simple, the obvious: Post boobs. Post lots of boobs.

In this case, for me, the personal is, in fact, political.

In some cases, this advice may be offered in a light and playful tone, in others, it’s offered as flat and direct as a metronome. Whatever the case may be, however the advice is offered, it’s not a lie. It’s earnest advice, and it does work. And for me, therein lies the problem.

We, as feminists, talk about desexualizing breasts. I think that’s important. It’s ridiculous that Victoria can bare all her secret’s but mom’s can’t breast feed. It’s ridiculous that my nipples and areolas are obscene, while my partner’s are not, just because they are a bit more puffy in their protrusion.

This is a good fight, I do believe this, but I don’t think we’re doing ourselves any favors by offering advice like this, and acting on said advice. No, there’s nothing wrong with boob, nor boobs taking part in sexy acts, but it seems like we talk that talk a helluva lot more than we walk that walk. In fact, that’s how those lad mags screaming at us from the 7-11 window news stack work, right? Aren’t we then using the same tactics we detest advertisers for using?

I guess I’m still thinking bout this, but these are the thoughts I’ve got thus far. Honestly, I’m also kind of wondering if this is on anyone else’s radar, and if anyone also seems to find it problematic as well. More on this later at a later date… you can count on it. Until then, I hope I’ve got some of your gears going. Thats what I’m hear for after all. 😉

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